The 500K Challenge – August update

Another month, another update as we are closing in on the end of a great summer. At least when it comes to weather. The finances? Not so much…

Take a look at my August below, and dont forget to subscribe.

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Monday Rambling – Week 34

Finally back at work following a lot of summer vacation, ready to work through the crisis that is currently infecting my business as a golf trader.

Just a short status from the home office, in what hopefully is day one of a new era in my sportstrading life.

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The 500K Challenge – July update

It has been a month of changes. Things are definitely not going as planned, so I have taken action. Hopefully this will prevent this increasingly embarassing challenge from crashing to the ground before ever really taking off.

Read on, and don’t forget to subscribe if you wan’t to see where this is going. I have heard that it is very satisfying to witness how other people’s poor financial decisions leads to bankruptcy.

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The 500K Challenge – June update

It’s time for another monthly update on The 500K Challenge, where June didn’t bring the upswing I so badly need in what seems to be an endless period of mediocrity…

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