Monday Rambling – Week 38

Wow! What a week! A big congratulations to the European Solheim Cup Team for a massive victory in a thrilling match.

Here are a couple of thought from an eventful week in the life of a golftrader.

I have to admit, I haven’t been a big fan of womens golf through the years. I have always wondered why the ladies couldn’t fully match the men in the stats around the greens or in the bunkers. Power shouldn’t matter in the short game, and whenever I have chosen to sit down a watch the action from the LPGA Tour I have always been a little disappointed.

But I think they are getting much closer these days, and this weekends display in the Solheim Cup was by far the best womens golf I have ever seen. And to spice it up, the match was just incredibly even with the very last put of the week determining the winner!

What a boost this will bring to the womens golf, and I for one will be following closer going forward.

The Solheim Cup did also bring some profit from the Betfair markets, which was really nice, as I messed up big time in the KLM Open in the Netherlands. Maybe I was not focused enough due to the massive excitement of having 18 year old danish prodigy, Nicolai Højgaard, battling for the win against the legendary Sergio Garcia.

This young man looks really interesting, and there are more to come in terms of danish talent rising through the ranks with his brother, Rasmus, Benjamin Poke (my old teammate from when I was a decent golfer) and several others. In my mind another young prodigy, John Axelsen, is going to become a European Tour winner before the age of 25. Mark my words…

On another note, I have been trying to expand my crowdlending portfolio with the platform Wisefund following a nice recommendation from Jørgen over at If you ever should need some info on crowdlending, this is the place.

However, I am struggling to transfer fund to Wisefund using Transferwise, so I will be trying Revolut instead. Hopefully this will be more effective, so I can get the investment ball rolling. More investments will follow in the coming weeks…

Om the golfing/trading schedule, this week looks to be a big one with a fantastic field lined up for the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, and on the PGA Tour the Sanderson Farms Championship is up.

Have a great week out there!

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