The 500K Challenge – September update

Another month has passed and it is time to update The 500K Challenge with the numbers for September.

Read on to see if I finally managed to boost my Total Portfolio Value…

After the first two weeks of September, I was 100% certain that my trading crisis was finally over. A near record breaking first week of the month gave me a fantastic start, and with the second week being almost just as good, I had made my monthly salary almost before the month had started.

But what goes up must come down, and the last three weeks has been absolutely rubbish with poor trading performances and a lot of lost bets equaling the small trading profits.

So the struggle continues, and even though my goal deadline is very far away, I am definitely behind schedule on this challenge.

If there are any FIRE-folks reading out there, I can tell you that my savings rate is the big sinner in this. With my new part time job, I am earning enough to be able to invest more, but we use far to much money on a daily basis, and even though I am slowly introducing the concepts of FIRE and minimalism to “the longhaired one”, it is baby steps at the moment.

To be fair, this is an expensive period in our lives with the small kids, daycare, house improvements etc. etc. Things should improve over the next few years, and I am still cautiously optimistic…

To the numbers:

Real Estate: 1.333,33€ (+0,00 €)

I received an email from Brickshare early this month stating that the final authorizations are now in place and that I can expect returns from my investment “soon”.

Read more on my Real Estate experiences here.

Stock Market: 3.564,19 € (+61,38 €)

Another strong month from the stocks. A lot of mumbling about a coming regression, as this seems to be going a little to well at the moment. If that happens? Well, cheaper stocks for me…

Take a look at my Stock Market portfolio here.

Crowdlending: 2.535,48 € (+522,41€)

As mentioned in my Monday Rambling, I have opened an investor account with a new Crowdlending platform called Wisefund recommended by Jørgen from Financially Free.

Following account verification, my first attempt to transfer 500€ using Transferwise was cancelled as Transferwise isn’t usually accepted on this platform. I have now tried Revolut, and I am currently waiting to see the money show up in my investor account.

All other platforms are ticking along nicely as Envestio finally released a couple of new projects to invest in.

Crowdlending portfolio here.

Sportsbetting: 3.961,99€ (-536,57 €)

Two good months in a row? Not this time… Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like you can do anything right with this betting, and towards the end of the month I lost absolutely everything. So a horror month with big losses despite not really betting that much.

Total bets: 39
Total stake: 1,879,53 €
Profit/loss: -512,78 €
ROI: -27,3 %
Bonus income: -23,79 €
Total profit/loss: -536,57 €

More on my sportsbetting here.

Betfair trading bankroll: 10.838,62 €
Cash reserve: 3.469,18 €

Total Portfolio Value: 25.702,79 € (+182,97 €)

And then just a kind request, if any of you (few) regular subscribers/readers have gotten this far in the post: Could you please drop a small comment?

I have been doing this blog for over a year now, and to this date I have received 91 spam comments and a big blank ZERO real genuine comments.

I am begging you! Just a “nice read” or “keep grinding” or something like that… I would deeply appreciate that! 🙂

Jesper/The Trading Dane

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