The 500K Challenge – January update

The first of 240 monthly portfolio updates… This is not going to impress anyone, though.

Read on, and also head over to The 500K Challenge to see more details on the challenge and different investments.

The long, dark and cold January hasn’t been the running start for this project that I could have hoped for. To some extend, this was expected. The European Tour doesn’t start before the third week of the year, and with mediocre results in The toughest weeks of the year, the chances of an above average month in the Betfair markets were not really that great.

So to simplify things: My trading income was smaller than my monthly salary withdrawal. That means red numbers on the bottom line, a decrease of my total portfolio value and no new investments for now.

To the numbers:

Real Estate: 0,00 €

Move along, nothing to see here. I am waiting for Brickshare to get their needed licence to kick off again, and when they do, I’ll be looking to invest in this area next.

A slightly more detailed version here.

Stock Market: 2620,26 € (+124,00 €)

How nice with this little upswing on the Stock Market following a period of red numbers. I am now actually in the black with one of my four purchases. Crazy stuff!

More on the stocks here.

Crowdlending: 1866,49 € (+20,59 €)

With no new investments this month, things are just ticking along in the crowdlending business. A little more than 20 € in total profit this month from my three platforms, and not really much else to tell.

I finally found out how to calculate the XIRR, obviously without including cashback and sign up bonusses. From that, the return from Mintos looks very poor compared to the others, and in February I will look into my auto-invest setup to see if I can optimize it a bit. A 10% return should at least be possible, even if it takes a while to get there.

On Mintos, it seems that 20-25% of my loans are late at any time. It sounds like a lot, but seems to be in the “normal” range when listening to other investors. And all loans have “buy-back guarantee”, so it shouldn’t worry much.

More on my Crowdlending activities here.

Sportsbetting: 3.788,40 € (-211,60 €)

The month actually started really well with my Sportsbetting, and I was up nearly 600 € early on. But as it is with these highly volatile investments, things never move in a straight line, and the last couple of weeks have been especially poor.

Not all bets are full stakes. Bookmaker- and exchange-limitations sometimes makes it difficult to match the full stakes, and I would like to be able to go through my bankroll more than the current 1,5 times.

Total bets: 188
Total stake: 6210,40 €
Profit/loss: -294,10 €
ROI: -4,7 %
Bonus income: 82,50 €
Total profit/loss: -211,60 €

Read a bit on my sportsbetting here.

Betfair trading bankroll: 13.255,34 €

I am always looking to keep my trading bankroll around this level, so in poor months (like this) I will draw a bit from the cash reserve when withdrawing my paycheck.

Take a look at The Introduction, if you are new a don’t really know what it is I do for a living.

Cash reserve: 3341,42 €

The decrease of both my trading bankroll and cash reserve is just representing my poor earnings this month. I won’t dive deeper into the numbers regarding my earnings and withdrawals, but I feel these money should be included in this challenge as a part of my total savings/investments. If you are interested in these numbers, it doens’t take a lot of calculator-skills to figure them out. Otherwise feel free to write me.

Total Portfolio Value: 24.871,91 € (-778,07 €)

So there it is. Not much to like about January… Hopefully the short February can bring momentum back and turn the numbers black again before we go into the spring.

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Over and out from me, have a nice weekend!

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