The 500K Challenge – February update

I am back on track to reach my challenge goals with a profitable month. But even if February was a good month, I feel like I missed a great opportunity to make it a fantastic month.

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If you are a golfer, you know how it feels when you have played a great round better than par (or your handicap), only to finish with a double bogey at the 18th hole. What could have been one of your best rounds ever, is now suddenly only okay, and it really feels like you have lost it all.

The WGC Mexico Championship was that 18th hole for me in February. If only Rory McIlroy had stopped making birdies for the first two rounds, everything would be fine. I took a couple of bad positions against him early on, and had to take quite a loss because the risk became to high with only Dustin Johnson to stop him from winning.

Otherwise, the month was very solid, with som nice profitable tournaments in the middle east and on the west coast of the USA. In the end I had to scramble to a small loss in the WGC instead, and the potential 4K+ € month fell way short.

Still, the start to this year has been promising. I have been happy with my performances in the markets with very few exceptions, and I am very optimistic entering the month of March, where the big tournaments are lining up.

So lets end this February with the numbers of The 500K Challenge.

Real Estate: 0,00 €

Still nothing to report here. No news from Brickshare regarding their license, and so far I haven’t found other Real Estate investment opportunities appealing enough. Happy to wait…

More on my Real Estate experiences here.

Stock Market: 2.692,81 € (+72,55 €)

Receiving dividends this month finally turned this part of my portfolio into a profitable one. The big losses towards the end of 2018 are now happily forgotten, and even though three of my four purchases are still in red numbers, it feels nice to turn profitable overall.

Until I decide where and how I want to invest in Real Estate, this will probably be my preferred choice for new investments. So at least some of the profit from February will be invested here.

Take a look at my purchases in the Stock Market here.

Crowdlending: 1.883,96 € (+17,47 €)

This month I took a look at my auto-invest on Mintos as promised, to see if I could optimize it and make the XIRR rise a bit. I have taken some inspiration by this post from Carl on, and made a similar set of three strategies to prioritize the higher interest loans.

So far so good. The XIRR is going up, albeit slowly, as new investments are made. Thanks, Carl!

Total crowdlending overview here.

Sportsbetting: 4.119,02 € (+330,62 €)

I will take a nice ROI around 5% any month, so obviously this month will be labelled as “succesful”, bringing this area of investment into the black early on as well. Let’s keep it there!

Total bets: 147
Total stake: 5.467,48 €
Profit/loss: 265,65 €
ROI: 4,9 %
Bonus income: 64,97 €
Total profit/loss: 330,62 €

I will be publishing a more in depth post regarding my approach on sportsbetting during the month of March, so stay tuned for some inspiration to this alternative investment. Until then take a look here for a few more details.

Betfair trading bankroll: 12.136,86 €

I actually withdrew my monthly salary before the WGC tournament this month with an expectation of a decent profit. Well done, Jesper! So I’ll be spending the first couple of weeks in March trying to re-balance my trading bankroll.

Cash reserve: 4.787,00 €

On the other hand, my cash reserve has obviously grown a fair bit, and I will probably be using 6-800 € from this for new investments in the coming month.

Total Portfolio Value: 25.619,65 € (+747,74 €)

As mentioned, I am back on track before entering the spring and the increased opportunities in the Betfair markets. It is also very nice to see that my investments earned me well over 400 € this month (almost 5% in one month), which boosts my already growing optimism.

Not much more to tell, really. If you are one of the (still very few) regular readers, it would be really cool if you would like or share this post. Or maybe drop a comment? I am still to register my first real non-spam comment on this blog, so don’t hold back now…

Have a great spring!

Jesper/The Trading Dane

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