Monday Rambling – Week 12

Introducing a new weekly feature on The Trading Dane in the ”Monday Rambling”.

Just please remember, that Mondays for me typically are affected by too little sleep and the occasional temper tantrum following a disappointing weekend in the Betfair markets.

Read on if you have nothing better to do…

The 2019 golfing season has really kicked into gear this weekend with the outstanding entertainment of The Players Championship. It is probably the best field we will see all year, and the result was a star-packed and tight Sunday leaderboard battling it out on the (for me) most iconic course in golf.

For us Europeans, there were even more topping on the ice cream, with Jon Rahm, Tommy Fleetwood, Rory McIlroy and towards the end a charging Eddie Pepperell all with great chances to take the huge win and boost their careers.

Personally I am very disappointed to see McIlroy take this title. I have long been hooked on him to win The Masters, but this win will likely make his odds drop heavily.

I am not sure exactly what it is that has changed in McIlroy. He just seems much more comfortable in everything he does, much less caring about what the whole world is thinking and expecting of him, and (in my mind) therefore much more likely to fulfill his massive potential, starting by making 2019 a multiple win season.

Yes, there are issues. His Sunday problems seemingly the most pressing, and yesterday threatened to be another opportunity missed for the Northern Irishman with a poor opening to the round. It took some good fortune on the 15th hole to make him realize that the tournament was still there for for him to win, and in the end this will (at least for the moment) silence the voices claiming him to be a poor finisher.

I have never doubted you, Rory! Go on, take that Masters title and claim your Career Grand Slam! Eh… and would you please tweet this post when you read it – it will do wonders for my visitor statistics! Thanks!

On the (now McIlroy-abandoned) European Tour it was equally exciting, albeit at a different golfing level, to follow the first European Tour edition of the Kenya Open. The smallest tournament of the ET 2019-schedule featured a lot of hopeful and talented rookies and 2nd level players, and produced a new and very exciting winner in Italian rookie Guido Migliozzi. To be honest I had never heard of him before Saturday, but he will certainly be one to watch for the future.

So with that, just a couple of quick and free predictions to end this ramble with:

  • Rory McIlroy will win The Masters 2019.
  • Thomas Bjørn has at least one more win in him.
  • I will have my first (non-spam) comment on The Trading Dane before Christmas (even more likely if you tweet this, Rory!)

And with that I will take the rest of the day off… Have a nice Monday!

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