Monday Rambling – Week 14

Warning: I am slightly grumpy this Monday morning!

Proceed with caution…

But first a little celebration to honor fellow Dane, Lucas Bjerregaard, who had a week to remember. Well, it didn’t finish on the highest note in the WGC Dell Technologies Match Play Championship, as he lost his tight semifinal to Matt Kuchar and was demolished by Molinari in the consolation match, but earlier that week…

His Wednesday 3&2 win over world number 5, Justin Thomas, gave the first indication of a great week, but it was his two matches Saturday that shook the world of golf and made everybody talk about that Mr. Beargarden!

First he smashed Henrik Stenson end then went head to head with his idol, the WGC king and the GOAT, Tiger Woods, beating him with incredible coolness on the last three holes. What a performance from the (to the US) totally unknown Dane with the funny name.

Perhaps it was understandable that he had a hard time finding his game on Sunday. After all, he had just had his best golfing day ever! Well done, and onto the Masters, Lucas!

And now to the reason for my grumpiness: The Hero Indian Open!

Jorge Campillo made a late charge in the tournament, and when he left the 18th green, he stood at 10 under par and looked in a very strong position to take his first European Tour victory following a run of really good form.

I was in a strong trading position with a fairly big lay on (the equally grumpy) Julian Suri, when everything changed. Suddenly Campillo was registered at 7 under par, having a score corrected from a 3 to a 6, and obviously the market imploded before I was able to do anything!

It could have been really expensive for me if Suri had hit a good shot shortly after (had a 1500 € liability), but in the end I “only” lost around 300 € on that trade.

I am not sure who to blame. My grumpiness demands the head of the responsible individual. Maybe it was the score reporter from the course who couldn’t count or maybe it was the guy who is entering the scores for the official livescoring.

Maybe it was in fact Campillo himself, fiddling too much around with his shot counter – you know, that thing with little golfballs on a string that helps you to keep track of how many shots you have been using…

Whoever it was, pay up!

And on a side note to the Hero Indian Open: What a ridiculously vulgar course to play a European Tour event on. It is just too much… Too many hills and bumps on the greens, too much “lost ball rough”and far too many ugly ass riveted bunkers! I wonder if this course would be used for this event had the course designer (Gary Player) had a less famous name…?

Aaaaahhh (shoulders dropping)! With that out of my system, I can start the hard work of taking the rest of the day off..

Have a nice week! 😉

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