The 500K Challenge – March update

Another month has passed, and it is time to share my progress in The 500K Challenge.

March resulted in progress in all but one area. Have a look…

A good month in the trading markets has resulted in a nice profitable month and an increase to the total portfolio value. I still haven’t hit my “magic” 4K € month yet in 2019, but this one was close, and with the golfing season really kicking into gear, it has been a fairly good start in the first quarter of the year.

So, with the optimism intact, lets just jump right into the numbers.

Real Estate: 0,00 €

In the middle of March I finally received an email from Brickshare, declaring that they have now achieved the necessary license to continue their business of offering investment opportunities through crowdfunding of Real Estate.

And it is even more exciting that a new project is on the way, and as I was one of the affected investors from the earlier cancelled project, I am given the “shotgun-option” to the new project when it launches.

Very excited about this, and hoping to be able to invest during the month of April.

More on my previous Real Estate experiences here.

Stock Market: 3.381,49 € (+688,68 €)

I made a new investment in the Stock Market during March. Not as much as I intended earlier in the month, but following the news from Brickshare, I chose to save a bit for the next Real Estate investment.

I invested 600 € to my Nordnet account and bought another index, so I now own five different indexes. Though, going forward I think I have to learn a bit about diversification in this area, because a lot of the indexes contain stocks from the same companies.

Aside from the new investment, the upwards trend in the Stock Market seems to continue, and March was also nicely profitable.

Take a look at my latest purchase here.

Crowdlending: 1.905,91 € (+21,95 €)

Another month with the crowdlending investments just ticking along. My tinkering with the auto-invest tool at Mintos seems to work nicely as my XIRR has risen to just short of 9%, and the total XIRR from all platform has rounded the 12% mark.

But I have actually been thinking a lot about this area in the last month. More specifically about some of the ethics involved in this business, inspired by a thread on a crowdlending forum. Do I really wan’t to support loan deals, where for example people who have been rejected by their bank opt to take a quick personal loan with the most extreme interests to cover their short term expenses?

I am not sure, and it is obviously not just black or white like that. A lot of grey areas, but I think I need to figure out where to draw the line.

Advice would be highly appreciated.

Total crowdlending overview here.

Sportsbetting: 3.838,40 € (-280,62 €)

Total bets: 113
Total stake: 5.513,43 €
Profit/loss: -373,58 €
ROI: -6,8 %
Bonus income: 92,96 €
Total profit/loss: -280,62 €

Needless to say; a poor month. Fewer bets with higher stakes, but still a total loss, and aside from a few good weeks in February it has been a very slow start to 2019.

It is going to turn, I can feel it! The sun starts to shine and April will be much better… 🙂

A bit on strategy and history behind my Sportsbetting project can be found here.

Betfair trading bankroll: 12.047,23 €
Cash reserve: 5156,76 €

Total Portfolio Value: 26.329,79 € (+710,14 €)

Not much more to tell, really. Have a really nice April!

Jesper/The Trading Dane

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