Monday Rambling – Week 16

What an epic story about the greatest golfer ever to have played the game!

The Masters is over, and here is a couple of thoughts on a week that has only made the rest of the golfing season more interesting.

Back in 2008 at the US Open at Torrey Pines, when Tiger Woods won his last major championship, he was limping badly. He had just started playing again after his knee surgery, and was afterwards forces to lay off for the rest of 2008. But no one could have known that this was just the beginning of a decade of troubles.

Maybe you have to be a golf fan to feel like I do, but I wholeheartedly believe that what happened yesterday (and through the past 10 years) at Augusta National in the future should be labeled “The greatest comeback in the history of sport”!

I have actually been whining a bit myself this past week with a swollen knee and a crick in the neck, so I guess in about 10 years time, I should be ready to win something?

In the Betfair markets, it was a good week for me. I just surpassed the 1K € profit in the winners market on The Masters, and that has actually only happened for me one time before, so no need to be grumpy today. But as the rest of the month so far has been crap, it was about time I made some profit.

By the way, I noticed in the heat of the battle yesterday, that the winners market on The Masters passed 25M € in traded money through the week. Maybe I should aim a little higher for these massive markets?

Other than The Masters, April seems to be quite thin in terms of tradeable tournaments with a two week break on the European Tour, so I need to profit when I can.

The Easter holiday is up next, but I am already looking forward to the next major of the year, The PGA Championship, in May.

Have a nice Easter holiday!

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