Monday Rambling – Week 18

It is time to evaluate and calibrate the setup!

After som time off, I always wan’t to change a lot of things to make everything feel like a new start. Here are some post Easter holiday thoughts.

I love new starts! The start of a new month, or even better a new year always fills me with optimism. The first four months of the year has been… Well, average really, and following the Easter holiday, I am going to take a look at some changes to see if I can find the extra 10% that would bring the year into the “good”-category.

First of all I am going to take a little bit better care for my body. Yesterday I was trading the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, but woke myself up by snoring loudly. My index finger was solidly planted on the left click mouse button and a quick click in my sleep could have been really ugly. That’s not okay!

I started the holiday with a crick in the neck and a swollen knee and put all exercise on hold for two weeks. Those same two weeks I used a lot of time stuffing my head with cake and chocolate at birthday celebrations and other family gatherings. Obviously that is the ultimate combination if you want to have a healthy body and a sharp head…!? Zero sugar and push up challenge for me!

I am also taking a look at my betting setup. That usually involves replacing one or two of my experts. So far this year only a few of my experts have been performing, and I think a change is needed. I don’t think this will be a massive overhaul of the setup, though, but it is always nice to go through the stats and see where the money goes.

And then there are the other investments. I am really excited about my latest investment in the Real Estate category (monthly update coming up in a few days), but I am also having a lot of thought on the business of Crowdlending. I am really not sure about the nature of the business in general and more specifically certain types of loans.

So, a lot to do to get ready for an eventful summer and keep progressing.

Have a great week!

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