The 500K Challenge – April update

April is gone, and it is time to take a look at the development of my investments for The 500K Challenge.

A very interesting month in many ways, so read on and don’t forget to subscribe to new post in the menu to the right.

It was a quite eventful April, with some massive headlines in the world of golf with Tiger’s 15th major as the biggest, obviously. The Masters was once again extremely entertaining, and the tournament just keeps producing fantastic moments to be remembered forever. And the big tournaments are just lined up now for the next months.

My april was also eventful with my 41st birthday and the Easter Holiday taking out a third of the month. Tradingwise it was a month with few but big opportunities, and despite the relatively long time off, I managed to just about break even in terms making just enough money to cover my monthly salary.

But there has also been some changes to my investment portfolio, so lets just jump into the numbers for The 500K Challenge.

Real Estate: 1.333,33€ (+1.333,33 €)

Finally Brickshare launched their new project, and as a “victim” of the cancelled project last year, I had the option of investing prior to the full release. So I am now the proud (albeit only partial) owner of 23 apartments in Nordvest, Copenhagen.

With an expected total profit of 8-9% a year, it is estimated a little lower than Brickshare’s average, but I feel this is a really sound investment in part due to the sheer size of the project. They are looking to raise more than 5M € through crowdfunding, and they have already found tenants for more than half of the apartments.

With only 47% of the crowdfunding goal reached at the moment, It could take a few weeks to fully fund the project, and I also expect that it will take a few months before the money starts pouring in!

Read more on the project here.

Stock Market: 3.452,14 € (+70,65 €)

Another positive month in the Stock Market, and I am now up around 4% in total since my entry in this investment area in the late summer of 2018.

Massive swings on the way, though, and obviously a little less than a year is a very small and insignificant view with a 20+ year strategy. Still feels nice, though…

Take a look at my portfolio of investments in the Stock Market here.

Crowdlending: 1.927,86 € (+21,95 €)

I am still in dilemma mode for this area of investment. On one hand I find it borderline immoral to fund high interest loans to people and businesses who has been rejected by the more traditional institutes – in some cases (to the best of my knowledge) people in weaker positions who are desperate and/or not in a situation to make sound financial decisions.

On the other hand, this is not going to change due anything I do, and adult people with the ability to take financial decisions must be held accountable for their own actions.

I still haven’t made any changes to my crowdlending investing strategy, but a way to go for me could very well be to exclude certain types of loans and maybe focus my investments on more hand picked opportunities in bigger projects or real estate. That is where I’m at right now. Still thinking, though…

Here is an overview of my total Crowdlending activities.

Sportsbetting: 4.115,62 € (+277,22 €)

Total bets: 43
Total stake: 1.809,29 €
Profit/loss: +290,88 €
ROI: +16,1 %
Bonus income: -13,66 €
Total profit/loss: +277,22 €

So the lack of activity this month is evident in the numbers above. Not a lot of activity with the computer turned off for almost two weeks just leads to a low turnover. Solid bets, however, and in the black again for the category.

The evaluation mentioned in the Monday Ramblings this week led to two experts getting the boot. On the other hand three new ones will get a shot at boosting my sportsbetting bankroll. We’ll see how that works out during the next few months.

More on my Sportsbetting here.

Betfair trading bankroll: 12.120,64 €
Cash reserve: 3681,06 €

Total Portfolio Value: 26.630,65 € (+300,86 €)

So as mentioned, I am actually really happy about being profitable this month due to the holiday and lack of trading opportunities. But I also hope that the summer to come will bring another level of income to bolster my Total Portfolio Value.

Stay tuned for the next episode…

Jesper/The Trading Dane

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