Monday Rambling – Week 19

A few thoughts from a tired golf-trader to start your week?

Something good, something bad and something new from the home office in little Denmark.

Not a very profitable first week of May. That is the bad… With the European Tour playing in China again, I was up and ready yesterday at 6 am only to find out that the leaders were already on the back nine battling for the title. Doh!

Expectations of poor afternoon weather in China meant an early start (4 am danish time), and I had forgotten to check the starting list for the final round before I went to bed. So I missed around 2 hours of action, and when things got going, there was very little liquidity in the market and the two times I got a solid opportunity, things went against me and I ended up recording a rare 100€ loss for the morning.

So the pressure was on for the PGA Tour finish in The Wells Fargo Championship. Other that Rory blowing another massive chance of winning, this was the good part. Some really nice opportunities and a tidy profit despite another rain delay and a very late finish (1.30 am).

By the way, that Max Homa really impressed me yesterday. What a solid golfswing, and he looks to be able to handle pressure really well. One for the future, surely…

So, what is new, you might ask? Well, I have really been inspired this last week to give my football trading another go. So far I haven’t been able to crack the code for these high profile markets, but I am going to work on it.

I feel like I have the skills to be able to profit long term on football too, and I am going to dedicate some time to the project. I heard somewhere that every time you fail at something, the chance of success increases for next time you try. Lets hope there is some truth to that…

On another note, the cycling season is really kicking off these days with the Giro d’Italia starting saturday. Cykling has also been a side project of mine for a couple of years now, so a lot to look out for in the coming weeks.

Have a great monday!

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