Monday Rambling – Week 20

A pressure packed Sunday is still taking its toll here late on a long and tired Monday.

Another rambling with some insight into the everyday life of a pro golftrader.


Yesterday it was Mothers Day. In our little family of four, however, Sunday is also my primary working day. This Sunday was no different, but where that usually means some nice quality time with Mom while Dad is working, yesterday was a bit more demanding for the mother of our two young boys.

With our 1 year old struggling hard with fever from an ear infection, and our 4 year old still not able to comprehend that the whole world isn’t centered around his needs alone, the flowers we bought for Mom probably should have had at least double the size to compensate for the lack of appreciation she must have felt through the day.

From behind the closed doors to my home office I witnessed (the soundtrack to) an epic battle between good and evil, as she tried to ultimately just keep everyone alive to give me the best possible opportunity to earn a little money from watching golf on the telly.

Respect! Not just to the Mom in this little family, but to all the Moms out there. What would the world be without you…!?

Fortunately I was able to capitalize from her sacrifice. The British Masters Winners market was not prepared for Matt Wallace’s short miss on the 17th green, and I managed to make the trade of the year so far, earning almost 1K € in less than 5 minutes. Perhaps I should buy some more flowers…?

But I have also made a new investment. Not stocks or crowdlending, but I have splashed some cash for a package of football trading strategies with the hope of getting a boost of both profit and inspiration for these high profile markets.

It is still early days for the work with these new strategies and thoughts, but hopefully I can soon be able to tell you that the money I spent has come back 10 fold.

That’s it from me for today. The PGA Championship is up this week. A (minor) preview coming up tomorrow or wednesday on BetXpert for the danish readers.

Have a great week!

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