The 500K Challenge – May update

Another month gone and another update on the profit (or in this case loss) in The 500K Challenge.

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The month of May 2019 has been full of red numbers! The Betfair markets has not been kind to me despite actually hitting a few of my best trades ever. And then there is all the rest…

Stock Market dropping, bets missed, and cash thrown right, left and centre without (immediate) return.

In all fairness, almost all of the massive red number on the bottom line for the month can be explained by two things. First there was the Made in Denmark tournament on the European Tour. I was there in person to see the players up close and try to take advantage of that. Needless to say I couldn’t, and the expenses for the trip, tickets, hotel etc. totaled almost 500 €.

And then this was the month were I decided to make an investment into the world of football trading. It took some soul searching, but in the end I chose to spend another 500 € on a package of trading strategies for the football markets.

Hopefully this last investment will be the best I have ever made, and early on I am actually very optimistic about it, but we’ll see…

So lets us take to the (depressing) numbers:

Real Estate: 1.333,33€ (+0,00 €)

Things are progressing nicely with my new purchase through Brickshare. Well, if it is possible for an investment to “progress nicely” without any return, that is. At the time of writing, 98% of the project has been funded from more than 1200 investors, and tenants has been found for all of the 23 apartments. I am not sure when I can expect the money to start rolling in, though. Maybe I should give them a shout and ask…

Read more on my Real Estate experiences here.

Stock Market: 3.323,21 € (-128,93 €)

Ouch! Loosing 3% of the total value in one month is a little tough, but as I always say on this type of investment: “It is a marathon, not a sprint”! The little ups and downs does not matter much through 20+ years. Still it feels nicer to profit…

Take a look at my Stock Market portfolio here.

Crowdlending: 1.949,65 € (+21,79 €)

Steady as she goes. XIRR rising slowly all across the board and interests are ticking in on a daily basis. I am still undecided on the ethics, though…

Crowdlending portfolio here.

Sportsbetting: 3.893,18 € (-222,44 €)

Total bets: 96
Total stake: 3.674,33 €
Profit/loss: -304,38 €
ROI: -8,3 %
Bonus income: +81,94 €
Total profit/loss: -222,44 €

What a horrible year this has been so far. Still in red numbers five months in, and not really advertising well for this sort of investment. I am confident this will change for the better soon, though.

More on my sportsbetting here.

Betfair trading bankroll: 11.792,91 €
Cash reserve: 3237,87 €

Total Portfolio Value: 25.530,15 € (-1100,50 €)

Well, this this is not really moving the way it should. Hopefully this is just one of those bumps on the way, but things really has to improve sooner rather than later… So come on, June! Be good!

Jesper/The Trading Dane

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