Monday Rambling – Week 25

I hope you haven’t given up on The Trading Dane just yet?

Following a couple of weeks off including a week drinking by the pool, a trip to the hospital with the little one and also a little depression from the lousy 500K Challenge – May update, I am ready to go again…

Crazy week, this! Landed in Copenhagen Airport Wednesday afternoon following a nice, but a little too eventful vacation to the Spanish island of Mallorca.

A massive cut to the forehead of our 1 year old son headlined day one on the trip and was followed by switching hotel rooms three times the first two days due to water leaking into our bedroom. Perfect start!

From there it was more like we had planned, but the level of relaxation never really reached the needed levels despite the free beer and Piña Coladas. Maybe the kids still waking up at 6:00 had something to do with it?

And then this Thursday it was back to work with the US Open at the iconic Pebble Beach. Great tournament with a star packed leaderboard being beaten by a perfect week from Gary Woodland, but with working hours between 23:30 and 03:30 it has been a really a tough week.

The profit was decent, though, despite being on Oosthuizen to beat McIlroy for the sunday 2-ball at 2,95. But I have also missed the potential earnings from both the Canadian Open and the Golf Sixes tournaments last week due to my “relaxing” in Mallorca, so I am already behind for this month.

These days I am really excited though. My football-trading investment has been an inspiration albeit still not a profitable one. So I try to watch and trade as much as possible on the U21 Euro’s and the Womens World Cup.

I sense some potential with at least some of these new strategies, and I still feel that I should be very well suited to make this fairly profitable in the long run. Well, at least I for once actually sort of enjoy watching women playing football…!

So there is plenty to do with trading the golf and football markets and now the cycling season is really kicking in with The Tour de France coming up soon enough. So let’s get on with it!

But first I need to sleep…

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