Monday Rambling – Week 29

Frustrations has been too many and too frequent for a longer period of time. Clock is ticking, changes are needed.

A quick Monday update on what is going on these days.

This should be my highlight period of the whole year. These 3-4 month should bring me more than half of my yearly profit. Big golf tournament almost every week, Tour de France powering through and lots of opportunities in the Betfair markets.

But it just isn’t working out! I am not sure quite what is going on, but on the bottom line my monthly salary has just been a little too small for a longer period of time. Maybe the golf markets has changed. I think they have, and it seems there are fewer good opportunities despite the obvious increase in liquidity across the board.

Maybe I have changed too? I am almost certain that the increased pressure I am putting on myself has a negative effect on my performance. And then the ball gets rolling with increased pressure, increased insecurity about my own skills and so on…

I need a better financial base to build on. Since quitting my job 3 years ago, I have tried very hard to create a source of income in those many hours in the home office. Writing articles, writing bet recommendations, betting myself, trading football, tennis, snooker and anything else… But all this effort hasn’t really given me much income. I still earn around 90% of my money on my Sunday trading.

So I feel I am wasting a lot of time, and it doesn’t match very well with The 500K Challenge and the whole FIRE concept not to mention the fact that I don’t really have the financial freedom to buy stuff I need…

The solution is simple. I have taken a part time job for 12-15 hours a week. So as of today I am officially not a full time pro trader any more… *sniff*

But it feels nice, and I can already feel my shoulders dropping and the pressure decreasing. Hopefully this will revitalize my trading somewhat going forward, and what a time to be revitalized: The Open is up!

Have a great week, everyone!

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