The 500K Challenge – July update

It has been a month of changes. Things are definitely not going as planned, so I have taken action. Hopefully this will prevent this increasingly embarassing challenge from crashing to the ground before ever really taking off.

Read on, and don’t forget to subscribe if you wan’t to see where this is going. I have heard that it is very satisfying to witness how other people’s poor financial decisions leads to bankruptcy.

As mentioned in the previous Monday Rambling, I have taken a part time job. The reasons are many, but mainly I have felt the pressure of not really earning enough money for most of the last 12 months.

This feeling of pressure have had a negative effect on my trading in the Betfair markets, so it has been a downward spiral of not perfoming well enough and feeling the increased pressure to earn some money.

This action will surely bring a more solid financial foundation and lead to less pressure, better performances in the markets and ultimately an almost explosive increase in my total portfolio value for this challenge. Surely…

This monthly challenge update, however, is still filled with excuses for going nowhere with this challenge. July has been busy in many other areas of my life. Another family vacation, introduction to the new job, and a couple of weeks with not that much action in the golftrading.

And then I dug myself a hole! The kids needed a new trampoline, and with the financial “trouble” these last months I saw no other option than to decline the otherwise generous offer from a handyman on an excavator.

So just remember that the numbers below could have been even worse had I not chosen to literally sacrifice myself for a few bucks!

Let’s get to business, then:

Real Estate: 1.333,33€ (+0,00 €)

My only Real Estate investment with Brickshare has finally been fully funded and early this month I received an email stating that I can expect the first rent payout no later than in the first quarter of 2020.

I am a bit surprised that it should take this long to start getting a return. The investment was made in April, so it is close to a year without getting anything back.

Read more on my Real Estate experiences here.

Stock Market: 3.508,41 € (+93,46 €)

I wonder how long this positive period in the Stock Market can go on… So far so good, though.

Take a look at my Stock Market portfolio here.

Crowdlending: 1.992,56 € (+21,41 €)

It has actually been a while since I have checked up on my Crowdlending progress. As a result I still have around 10% of my money on Envestio uninvested, and I failed to discover that my auto-invest at Grupeer expired earlier this month.

Still the overall XIRR is rising mostly due to Mintos developing really nice with some higher interest loans available.

Crowdlending portfolio here.

Sportsbetting: 4.154,95 € (+190,66 €)

Total bets: 43
Total stake: 1.526,67 €
Profit/loss: +69,75 €
ROI: +4,6 %
Bonus income: +120,91 €
Total profit/loss: +190,66 €

A low activity month with all the other stuff going on, but still a very nice profit. A couple of reload bonuses from a few bookies always brings a welcome boost to the bankroll during the summer.

More on my sportsbetting here.

Betfair trading bankroll: 10.870,75 €
Cash reserve: 3.616,88 €

Total Portfolio Value: 25.476,88 € (+258,53 €)

So I actually managed to keep my head above the water this month despite all my whining. I am still looking very much forward to August as a new start of sorts.

Until next time, have a great summer!

Jesper/The Trading Dane

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