The introduction

Hi, there!

I am Jesper, The Trading Dane, and this is my blog. As the title suggests, I live in Denmark with my girlfriend and our two young boys. And then I am a sportstrader…

A couple of years ago I decided to quit my solid 8-15 day job (where I was actually working with other human beings), and started living the dream by staring into a screen full of numbers, trying to figure out which numbers to click to earn some money and feed the family. Sounds pretty silly, right? Well, I’m still doing it, trading on sports full time, and I actually really like it.

What exactly it is that I do is explained here, and more nerdy details will follow in posts and articles along the way. For now, the important thing is that I have chosen to share my ups and downs with you guys in this blog.

Writing about…

So my professional journey in sportstrading will of course be the main subject here. But there are many dimensions to this line of work other than just nerdy descriptions, graphs and data.

Along with that, I will also share a few experiences from my other investment activities, wherever it may lead, in The 500K Challenge. This also includes sharing a few free tips for the golf markets I work with every day.

And I will work really hard to do all that with well written, high quality posts and articles with a twist of humor and irony. If you like it, feel free to subscribe, like and share.

Inspired by…

I have been writing freelance articles and recommendations for the Danish site, BetXpert, for a couple of years now, and I find it very inspiring to know that a lot of people actually find my writing interesting. Several really strong links with good people in the business has developed from this, so I want to build from that and take it a step further.

At the same time I have been diving a bit into the world of blogging, stumbling across some interesting subjects along the way. For one, the FIRE concept (Financial Independence Retirement Early) really speaks to me, and a few investment-blogs have also found their way to my favorite sites. Maybe more on that another time.

For now, I’ll be working to make this site personal and unique, so come back once in a while and follow my journey as The Trading Dane.

Welcome, and happy reading!