The 500K Challenge

With an already big and continuously growing interest for saving and investing money, this is my “side-project” on this blog. For the first couple of years of my new career within sportstrading and betting, I have been struggling to make enough money to worry about investing anything, but things are slowly starting to come together, and 2018 was the year I started to build a portfolio of investments.

From following other blogs, I have heard of the FIRE concept (Financial Independence Retirement Early), and it really speaks to me. Not the early retirement part, but the independence and the freedom that comes with money. Okay, 500K € won’t exactly make me financially independent, but it will bring a lot of freedom for the future of both me and the family.

Main goal: Total portfolio value of 500.000 € before the age of 60 (april 2038).
Partial goal: Total portfolio value of 100.000 € before the age of 50 (april 2028).


Well, I am not exactly experienced within the world of investments, so if you haven’t read the disclaimer yet, please do so before you throw your life savings after something I mentioned briefly as “the best investment ever”.

So the word strategy is probably slightly misleading in the sense that I am obviously in the very beginning of my investment career, and really just trying different types of investments in order to find my own way of building a solid and balanced portfolio of investments. Hopefully that will change along the way.

So far I have had my first encounters with the business of Crowdlending, the Stock Market and a little bit of Real Estate, but for the term “total portfolio value” I will also be counting my working bankroll on the Betfair Exchange and an isolated bankroll for sportsbetting.


As of September 30th 2019, this is the overview of my total portfolio:

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And here is a chart of the development of my Total Portfolio Value from kickoff to now.

The need for further cash injections to my still tiny pool of money is obvious if I am to reach the goals, so I have to go to work now…

Come back once in a while for an update.

Investment history