Part 2: Setting it up

The home office – my domain – is currently stacked with baby toys, a diaper bucket, a yoga mat and boxes with contents I don’t even want to know about. It’s temporary, I am told, and to be fair it is not really bothering my work. But I am still looking forward to the time where I can renovate the garage and separate my working space from the rest of the house. Maybe this summer…

Ali’s corner

In the small room a path has been created in the mess for me, so I am able to get to my workstation consisting of a height adjustable desk and a nice soft chair. My small but powerful PC under the desk is connected to two 24” ASUS monitors, and on the wall my 32” Samsung TV looks a little tired from having to show me golf every day.

And then there is Mohammed Ali. Standing tall and dominant over his dizzy opponent lying flat on the back, he has been installed in my humble home office to watch over me in my daily battle against my (not so dizzy) opponents in the Betfair markets.

Excuse the ass-pen, but it just never stops being funny!

Mohammed Ali is a great inspiration, and when I think of him, I always remember “The Rumble in the Jungle”. To me he was always a step ahead and had an ability to believe in himself and that what he did was right. He is there to remind me of exactly that: “Keep going and believe in yourself!” And on the other wall, the reason to keep going and believing in myself is thoroughly explained. As a father, there is just no giving up.

“Far” is danish for dad.
Preparing for work

Inspired or not, I still have to make some money. And for that, the setup is a very important factor in trying to optimize the chances of success. Not just the hardware, but also the software, and for trading the Betfair Exchange, trading software is a must.

I have always been a satisfied user of The Geeks Toy trading software. It was free to use when I started trading, but even if it costs a minor fee now, it is well worth it. For me the software has two major advantages: Overview of the market and betting with speed.

This little piece of software is extremely customizable, which makes it possible to follow odds movements of many players at the same time. And with the ability to use “one click betting” with pre-determined stakes and/or automatically calculated hedging stakes, I really only have to concentrate on the decision making. (On a later stage I will definitely write a guide for The Geeks Toy trading software).

So, when I Power up the PC to go to work in the markets, my Geeks Toy setup features on my left monitor. It is a couple of high resolution monitors, which allows me to maximize the use of the software, and feature even more information on just the one screen. The tired TV only has one task, and that is to show me the live golf broadcast.

On my right monitor other sources of information feature. That would be the live scoring, a shot-tracker (if available), a weather forecast and maybe a course overview to use as a wind map for certain situations. Sometimes I also stream live from featured holes or flights, but that is really only for the biggest tournaments.

Last I print out a scorecard of the holes with length and average score to assist on the way, and then (when trading the PGA Tour) I connect my earphones to my telephone and stream the live radio coverage from the course.

And then I go to work!