Stock Market

When i started searching for possible investments, this was the area in focus. I read and learned a lot about investment strategy, diversification, market psychology, different sectors etc. But the more I learned, the more discouraged I got. It seems that very few people (especially small private investors) are capable of continuously beating the average market growth of 4-5% a year. Even professional investors have a hard time documenting this kind of success over time, and when you have to pay them 1-3% to invest your money, there is very little profit left.

When investing over a time span of 20+ years, to me there seems to be only one reasonable choice of investment in this market. Index investing is growing rapidly in Denmark, hopefully for good reason, and it will be my strategy for now. Maybe sometime in the future, I’ll have a go at trying to beat the market myself, but for now I am happy to settle with the expected average return of around 4% a year.

I am using the Nordnet platform, and these are my purchases so far:

Updated 30/9 2019

Finally turned profitable during February 2019, following a poor start, and hopefully that is just the beginning…

Stock Market portfolio development