So this i quite new to me. And to be honest, it took some time before I had a go with my first (small) investment. It just seemed to good to be true, that you can get more than 10% return on your investments with insurances like a buy back guarantee, and the filtering tools gives you a nice bit of control over who and what you want to invest in. I really like the ability to diversify the investments too, and when you can invest very small amounts in a loan, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get a really well balanced portfolio of loans.

Following advice on several other blogs and forums, I started my crowdlending adventure with Grupeer and Mintos, the largest (at least the latter) and most reputable companies i the business. So far I have had nothing but positive experiences, and it looks like I will be in this for the long run. During november ’18 I also signed up with Envestio, another great experience.

Using TransferWise to send money from my danish bank account without a massive transfer fee, these are my crowdlending investments so far:

Updated 30/9 2019

The XIRR should be correctly calculated with no signup bonuses and cashback included.

Crowdlending portfolio development

This page contains affiliate links to the mentioned companies. If you like this blog and are considering investing in crowdlending, both you and I get a bonus and a percentage of your first investments if you use the links to sign up and invest with the mentioned companies. Everybody wins!