The 500K Challenge – January update

The first of 240 monthly portfolio updates… This is not going to impress anyone, though.

Read on, and also head over to The 500K Challenge to see more details on the challenge and different investments.

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The 500K Challenge – Official kickoff

Happy new year, everyone!

I have now spent the last couple of months building and testing this blog, and now it it time to get to work and add some solid contents.

First up: The official start of The 500K Challenge!

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Trading golf for a living (Part 3)

The final episode of the background trilogy is here. This time with a little look on some of the thoughts swirling around in my head when I am trying to find the right numbers to click.

Feel free to comment or contact me. Questions or feedback will be highly appreciated.

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Trading golf for a living (Part 1)

Is it even possible to make a living from trading the golf markets on the Betfair Exchange?

Well, that’s what I do. Take a look at this new background story from the life of af professional golftrader.

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