The 500K Challenge – April update

April is gone, and it is time to take a look at the development of my investments for The 500K Challenge.

A very interesting month in many ways, so read on and don’t forget to subscribe to new post in the menu to the right.

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Monday Rambling – Week 18

It is time to evaluate and calibrate the setup!

After som time off, I always wan’t to change a lot of things to make everything feel like a new start. Here are some post Easter holiday thoughts.

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Monday Rambling – Week 16

What an epic story about the greatest golfer ever to have played the game!

The Masters is over, and here is a couple of thoughts on a week that has only made the rest of the golfing season more interesting.

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Mon… Ehh, Tuesday Rambling – Week 15

My 41st birthday, not much sleep and nice weather here in Denmark took out my weekend and most of my Monday too, so not much rambling this time.

However, it’s Masters-week! Perhaps the most exiting week all year, when the greens of Augusta National is the stage for the first major of 2019.

For Danish readers, my preview of the event is out on later today, and if you are not Danish, I hope to offer a free tip or two during the week.

Have a great Masters!

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